Monday, August 16, 2010

A Slight Change of Pace

So it has taken quite some time for me to get back on here and write another post.  Part of it is that this summer has been absolutely crazy and the other part is that I have been struggling with what to write about but I think I have solved my problem!  I love food.  Eating, cooking, name it and I love it.  So in the next two paragraphs I am going to attempt to recreate my summer based on the foods I have eaten or crafted and hopefully your mouth will be drooling by the end (mine already is).

We started it out right by roasting a pig for Memorial Day.  Crispy skin, juicy pork, add a little BBQ sauce and it doesn't get much better than that!  Then came New Orleans...WOW.  I'll just list the craziness:
 -Vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes with Ricota Salata and a lemon-vinegrette
- Beignets from Cafe Du Monde- Pillowy pockets of dough with a mound of powdered sugar on top!
-Spicy crawfish and fresh caught fried fish.
- A spicy sausage po boy from Gene's
- Emeril's deserves its own list:
          -Humboldt Fog Cheese with Apricot Preserves
          -Smoked Andouille Jambalaya
          -Fresh Grilled Bacon with Local Melon
          -Housemade Sausage
          -Crispy Catfish Fingers with Coleslaw
          -Local Louisiana Crab Cakes
          - #1 Dish--- Crispy Pork Cheeks (Words don't even being to describe)
-Locally Brewed Abita Amber Beer
- Fire Grilled Oysters with a Parmesan Cream Sauce
- More Beignets from Cafe Du Monde!!
All that was just New Orleans!!  Some of the best food I have ever tasted and our summer was only one month old!
We then traveled to New York where our culinary adventures ranged from eating fried puffer fish and lobster rolls to eating the juiciest peaches I have ever tasted.  While we were picking peaches the juice was literally running down my arm.  I think I ate 19 peaches in one day.  Peach cobbler followed that night taken directly from my fav Paula Deen!  We were still only halfway through the summer!!!

Next we headed further north to visit Rick and Edina in Boston.  I'm still craving another one of the best cannoli's on the planet from Mike's Place!  We had the freshest lobster I have ever seen from the barking crabs.  The meat was so rich it didn't even need butter!  Fenway franks made an appearance and we discovered the greatest grocery store on the planet!  Too bad Trader Joes hasn't popped up in South Florida.  We made homemade pizza, ate imported prosciutto, salami, and sopresata right from Italy.  The prosciutto was so good you could just let it sit on your tongue and it would melt in your mouth.  That was one amazing trip!

We then came home and I began my foodie challenge.  I first made grilled pork belly that was the best tasting pork fat I have ever eaten!  Then came my personal challenge to make the perfect biscuits.  After a few tries I succeeded in fluffy buttermilk biscuits that were perfect with a little butter on them.  Now I'm in my canning phase and I think I might have struck gold.  Homemade strawberry jam that tastes good on everything from toast to ice cream!  And more recently spicy, sweet, dill pickles with just the right amount of crunch to them.  Coming soon to a store near you! Just kidding, but seriously.
This has been one amazing summer filled with great food from family, friends, and total strangers.  Just remember, good food is always good food, no matter if its Taco Bell or foie gras in the finest restaurant!  Looking forward to the next great bite of deliciousness!


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  1. Not bad sir! I know that ever since Edina and I had our road trip down South to see you and Rachel get married we have been dying to get back down there to see you and your entire gigantic family, haha! But you hit the nail on the head with this post, because the other reason we can't wait to get back to the South is the food! its to die for, and just like you rapped this one up with, "good food is always good food, no matter if its Taco Bell or foie gras in the finest restaurant!" because we tried everything from bar-food, fast-food, sit-down fancy restaurant food, and even the Disney food! and every single thing we had blew us away. The South KNOWS how to cook!